3 Palate Pleasing Recipes Using Pumpkins From Your Local Farmer’s Market

If you think pumpkins are just for picking and carving, you better think again. They’re perfect for cooking! These three pumpkin ideas will get your family’s taste buds dancing with joy!

1. Pumpkin cupcakesWho doesn’t love moist and delicious cupcakes? They’re even better when you make them using pumpkins from your local farmer’s market. Once these cupcakes are baked, decorate them with pumpkin frosting, or icing to create a tasty fall treat!

2. Roasted pumpkin seeds – This is an easy, delicious fall snack. Don’t throw the seeds out after you’re done carving. Once the seeds are roasted, you can keep them for several days. They’re perfect to pack in your  lunch for a healthy snack alternative.

Pumpkins From Your Local Farmer's Market Make Delicious Fall Snacks

3. Pumpkin ravioli in a butter sage sauce Here’s a twist on a classic, family pasta dinner. It’s easy to make and will be a scrumptious alternative for a fall family dinner. Try this recipe out for a unique way to use your pumpkin from your local farmer’s market.

Pumpkins are a unique, creative fruit to use to create delicious fall recipes. Find your own enticing way to incorporate pumpkin into a family meal.


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